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As this year almost comes to a close I can almost say that I have almost come to nodding terms with the person I almost used to be.

This run-on sentence was brought to you by me.

Perhaps next year I will almost make a commitment.




Live It Daily

via Daily Prompt: Continue

How long will it continue? It will continue until it stops. But for the sake of continuity one can only hope that it does not extend the pursuit of foolish consistency to it’s ultimate conclusion. A disconnect is some times called for to the delight of some and the dismay of others. I never worry over their delight or dismay because the amount of time they spend in those states is miniscule compared to how much time I spend with the discontinuation of continuing.

In other words, “Live it or live with it!” :FST




Daily Denial

Before the crack of dawn Katie finally barred the door at the Kiel Over Inn with that heavy metal beam. Only after a thorough wipe down and a vast quantity of bleach. She batted her large blue eyes at the inspector hoping the dormant and departed Standard Moxie and Libby Snippy would remain mute in their obscured cranny at Koehring Grand Central House. Katie’s only regret was that the battered and mangled Cyrus Plush had been discovered before she could place him to decay with his two decadent damsels for all of eternity.


Daily Squeak

via Daily Prompt: Gate

As luck would have it Katie emerged after luxuriating in her Tiparillo smoke filled stall just in time to see Standard, Libby, and Cyrus exit the Kiel Over Inn’s swinging saloon doors. Needless to say Katie did not bar the doors at this moment, but rather exited out the back with the heavy metal door bar in tow. With only the squeak of the side gate to give away her pursuit which went unnoticed by our trio as geometrical possibilities and sweet satiation visions pulsed through them all.


Daily Geometry

via Daily Prompt: Lollipop

Libby was the furthest thing from Standard’s mind this night in the Kiel Over Inn. She just felt the sweet ache in her jaw from last nights proceedings in the back office of this very establishment after last call. Armed with hotel room for tonight she would not be the only on doling out the lickin’. But when Libby entered the bar and covered the shortest possible distance between two points directly to Ms. Moxie, new geometrical possibilities arose for the nights enjoyment of tonight’s extremely large and lush Plush lollipop.