Daily La BaughFi

via Daily Prompt: Amble

Having absorbed the BahaiFi as well as a plethora of WiFi. Adding some 3G, 4G, and LTE stirred my brain which sent over a message from one hemisphere to the other, “Go quest old man. Go quest”; to where once upon a time I rambled, trucked, and genetically gambled. Now I find myself doing the slow limping amble. Not in parked cars with my long blond haired agitated young female animal of yore, lip locking in all the tabooed places. I am become the geezer doing geezer appropriate Tai Chi Tangos in the middle of an expanse of green grass.

Now my Chi has been TangoFied.

It was then I spied it!

Bike path! Why we used to ride these hills over root rippled mud ruts down hill with no brakes hoping we could make the cut and not wind up in the drink.

Fooey! So now it is time for me to amble on.




Remember to carry the remainder. Because the remainders always forget.

Never carry a conversation in your head when you will have to carry it later for real. Because it never goes how you expect it to.

Carry on the conversation until the last participle has been dangled. Even if it hurts.

The opening shower scene in the movie “Carrie” with Sissy Spacek changed my life forever.

I will carry it with me always.

I would share the YouTube link but I carry the Puritan albatross given me by the early religious refuges that showed up on these shores.

Carry on.




Oh to heck with it. Too many of us have had to carry that Plymouth Rock with us for too long.

I Believe I’m Sinking Down

Oh if only crossroads were so simple. Right. Left. Forward. Or run home and hide under the blankets.

Then again there are intersections that occur, have occurred, are occurring, and will continue to occur in the eternity called now.

Kind of like this: *

KVAH rev

Only with an infinite number of lines running through that single point we call now, continuing on into infinity and (for those of you that might be Buzzed) beyond.

So next time someone asks you to get the butter, just remember the options are endless. From explaining dietary implications of, as well as, the inevitable string theory of dairy products in general, oleo and the inherent sins of such marketing obfuscation and chicanery,  reenactments from scenes in “Last Tango In Paris” aside, to the full inclusion of just acquiescing to their request in smug silence: try not to be what my pale imitation (as seen above *) of a Kurt Vonnegut illustration alludes to.

So just choose and know we are all just:

After all as my father advised when I was just a sprout, “Go do something even if it is wrong”




The Dickens You Say!

It’s a fact. I can answer that with the best of them. I can give you an excellent no response . Direct and to the point.

They call me Make Do Pete.

Ergo I can say, as well as the Dickens you say, that every day in my life has held true to that quote.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” — Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities. Not “They call me Make Do Pete.”

Enough to scare the Dickens out of me. As we all well know, none of which has any thing to do with Charlie.

But I can be lying in the back of an ambulance with the newbie stabbing me repeatedly and telling his compatriot that he has to learn to start IV’s sometime, as I shiver from blood loss and shock. I look at my hands. See they are OK and think, “It’s alright. I can still play my guitar.”

Or After a extremely draining marriage. Financially, emotionally, metaphysically, all I can hear when the gavel comes down is. “You can go get some strange after fourteen years of this one.”

Or loosing the baggage of a twenty five year career that freed me from never having to act like a gave a flying you know what at a rolling doughnut as to what these well paid carnival barkers and dancing bears thought was valuable. Of course that baggage included a comfortable living. Now knowing that I never need fear some one schmoozing me for my wallet. Not that sales people, internet shills,  wanna be friends , and some dames don’t give it the occasional go. Do a credit check sometime sunshine. I know I should have done one on she whom I toiled for.  Although it was in some ways the best of times it was also indeed the worst. I was just too busy to notice. Made it worth the walk away from the sense of urgency crowd.

So here I am teetering on the edge of the abyss that is life knowing it is yet another day of the best of times and the worst of times all rolled into this big spam sushi roll of existence.


One Hand Clapping

I have spent a decade trying to stop the chattering of my little monkey brain, so to add a musical score to my life is just not in the cards.

But from time to time, echoing through the sojourn of my life I catch a brief  hint of the former soundtrack of my life.  It tries to poke and prod me towards remorse. I can hear it echoing across the chilling waters of beautiful Lake Michigan. I usually just accept it. Smile. Move on.

However the tune relates in so many ways to how I got to where I am here and now, I sometimes just put it on the old music maker and turn it up.

So speaking of cards…..