Daily Bar

Standard Moxie sat at the end of the cheap laminate surface that was the bar in The Kiel Over Inn. Cigarette burns marred the once festive surface of the bar just as life had it’s way with Standard’s exterior. Her still luxurious posterior shifted languidly on the naugahyde bar stool as she devoured the bartenders own buttocks with her eyes. But when Libby Snippy entered the Inn the bartender knew it would be Katie bar the door. Alas Katie was in the loo smoking a Tiparillo as she was wont to do near last call time in this sleepy Wisconsin town. Katie could only testify at the inquest that she knew Ms. Moxie had taken a room at The Koehring Grand Central House. How and why the bartenders abused and tormented remains had been discovered in Standard’s room was beyond Katie since he was alone in the saloon that evening when Katie did bar the door. Nor could she offer insight into the current whereabouts of Ms. Snippy or Moxie.


Daily Blast

Bury, burn or blast off. Thinking back to our earliest days I have to wonder which came first. Some hominid tripping over the bones of the dead said we have to do something about this. Hmmm. Should we dig a hole and bury it or should we have a bonfire (really a bone fire) and make ashes of our ancestors.

Conditions at the time dictated and facilitated the choice.

Fast forward many years to when technology gave us another option. Lets just shoot our earthly remains into space. After all there is a lot of space up there in space. We are just the species to fill it. After all who wants to have their leavings hanging around in perpetuity in the…



Daily Theater

Well pluck the duck. What do I have to lose. I guess I will go live in the future even if it is inhabited with people that have boomer expectations in a millennial economy. Sure it’s like having bees live in your head, but there you are.

Everything I know I learned from Firesign Theater.