Daily Lush

via Daily Prompt: Savor

Standard Moxie always knew how to enjoy herself. When she was a young woman she always felt a tingle in places she was just learning that she had places; especially when young boys groped her with their eyes. Even when older men violated her with their whole being. She basked in their attentions. But it seemed when those attentions manifested they always lacked a few of that manifests line items. Then at the age of forty she learned to savor her sexuality. Looking at her new item, twenty five year old bartender Cyrus Plush, she had a lot of savoring going on all within her various and sundry places. Her savor was brimming to the rim of her tightly wound, packed, and stacked raven haired vessel. As she raised the cocktail glass to her color coordinated dripping ruby red lips she caught a glimpse of their reflected lushness in the liquid. Savoring would soon be commencing in her room down the road at the Inn shortly. 



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