Things To Go Up In

As opposed to things to go down in.  Like flames. Is one perishing vehicle preferable to another?

Can you have one without the other?  I have had things go down in flame. Projects. Ideas. Relationships. Businesses. So those goals, plans, intimacy, and money all went up in you know what.

I used to smoke. Then I decided that inhaling that stuff from leaves and whatnot going up in flames was a pretty pointless enterprise and sent much of my liquid capital you know where. So I stopped. Flames may be a little dramatic in a description of the mechanics of a cigarette since the result was mostly glowing embers after an initial flame. Did I mention relationships. Same script many of those follow.

Then there are fun things to go up in. Balloons. Elevators. Planes. Rockets.

Did somebody say rock it?



So where there are flames is there always that semi transparent to viscous, sometimes oily dark and visible, depending on the material being transformed into something different but the same, marked by it’s essence wafting into the atmosphere? Or can something just flame out of existence without leaving a trace?

Common sense tells us the inverse. Where there is smoke there is fire. But common sense has been wrong many times before. I need to take my quandary to a higher authority than mere common sense.

I will have to quiz Smokey The Bear next time I am wandering in the woods.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em


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