YOU better BUY this NOW or YOU are DOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!!!!

I am not a big fan of horsey headlines, but this is the message interwoven in every distraction delivery system I consume.

This seems to be the message in many political campaigns of the day as well.

Believe me.

Or else.

Back in the day I would look at the television.

But now I watch it.

I think my television, cable, satellite, and internet providers are watching me.

Time to go now because I just saw a pharmaceutical advertisement for a pharmaceutical that will alleviate my C.U.S. (Chronic Urgency Syndrome)

Sure hope I can swallow it in time.

So ends another chapter in the Daily Sojourn known as:

The Quest For Urgency



P.S. Good thing the promise of a television commercial free pay cable and / or satellite and / or internet television diversion delivery system was another hoax perpetrated on the consumer or I never would have found this pharmaceutical rabbit hole to send more dollars down.


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