I Do Miss Steak


I do. I do. I do

Especially when cooked over a charcoal fire. On a Weber. Propane just don’t make it.

But that is my mistake.

No not in the purchase of the propane grill. I only use it. But in choices I made decades before that caused me to end up eating steak rarely. Albeit for numerous economic, ecological, and personal health advise from the experts, textperts, and choking smokers.

Goo goo g’ joob g’ goo goo g’ joob

I’ll stop before further purloining, which would only lead to the inevitable resolution of, “I am the steak man….”

Oops I did it again. I misconstrued the  one word Daily Prompt.

Oh no. I stole another song lyric. I hope this will not be mistaken for plagiarism.


Oops. My mistake again.



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