Oblivious Obfuscators Obviously

Well it is obvious to me. I can’t believe it is not obvious to you. I don’t get it. You claim you get that “you get that”. But clearly you do not. I can tell by the way you say that. Why it is as plain as the nose on your face. On my face.

By the way.

That person you support for President is deceptive, lies all the time, is part of the elite, will say anything to achieve their ends, and face it they are old. They tell you it is all for you. But they do not even know you.  They have never even walked a mile in your shoes.

Hey. They have shoes.

But facts are facts. Right.

So why do some people clearly see things one way and others clearly see things another way. Especially when the answer is right in front of you.


Clearly somebody manipulated this media

(which is the message)

To create this debate.


Or was that Medium?


I think we all need a good massage.


2 thoughts on “Oblivious Obfuscators Obviously

  1. You’re right about politicians (all of them) and I absolutely hated that dress when it was so popular. HATED it. It was such a stupid argument really. >_< I'd hoped to never see it again. Like, ever.

    1. Apologies for any PTDSD (Post Traumatic Dress Stress Disorder) my post might have triggered. Will not happen again. As for my candidates lying, well of course they don’t. They are just mischaracterized and misquoted and misunderstood by the medium. Or media. Or both. 🙂

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