Everybody Has One

“Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one.”

So of course I would not want anyone else to follow that guidance because they would then dismiss life changing, doctrine worthy, pearls cast before swine, always correct opinions of mine.

For the niggling ninnies of the world that will point out not everybody has one, I shall only say that this wisdom came from a time before the wonders and humanity of our species was able to offer solutions for the sphincterless to live viable and joyous lives. Bless them all.

Before said ninnies advise that the daily prompt was about advice and I am spewing about opinions, I retort that this was advice given to me about integrating someone else’s opinion into an action. Of course the opinion I was contemplating putting into action was not the advice givers.

Now for the card carrying nattering nabob saying that advice is a more reasoned and well thought out call to action on a well formed opinion; I can only say, “Piffle.”

Now pay attention to my advice and stop nitpicking,  you opinion laden advice wielding …….

KVAH rev

of the world.


Tune in another day for the next installment of

How Not To Make Friends & How Not To Influence People.


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