Getting Off

I literally take the concept of a day off literally.  Previous sentence was brought to you by the Redundant Compartment of Redundancies in my head.

A day off means a day off. Nada zip zilch. As a recovering workaholic and a very low maintenance individual I am able to do that.

However I might spend a good part of the day planning my activities for the days too follow. Gleefully filling my calender and to-do list with reams of activities that would put Julie, the coked up cruise director on The Love Boat, to shame.

But not a finger, fickle or otherwise, would be lifted to accomplish said itinerary. I mean really. I am having a day off. Who doesn’t like to get off. I mean, really.

Of course I may never get around to doing all those things on that day off inspired to do list. I mean what is the point of a to-do list if it was empty.

So many productivity apps and so little time.

I have to get off the computer now because today is not a day off.



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