I Am Spartacus.

Oops. I mean, I mean I am Cousin It.

From the time I brought an orange to show an tell and said I was given it by my grandma, or so I have been told, to the healthy and happy living wreck I am today; the holiday season shpielkes are beginning to over take me.

I will once again be surrounded by normal happy people. Family, friends, and others who seem so comfortable together and I just know I will say or do something so wrong that no one will even mention it or make comment upon it.

How do I know this. Well I just do.

Meanwhile everyone will be doing everything just right, buying the perfect gift, big or small, but always just right and swoosh through another happy holiday season.

How do they do it?

Then again maybe most of them also feel like they are the “It” in the room and I am the one who breezes through life wrapped in my blanket of bliss, complacency, and ambivalence.




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