Who Made The Salad

If today is less than yesterday, what guarantee do I have that tomorrow will not be less than today with today being my salad day but I missed it thinking about salad?

In the nineteen sixties there was a television commercial that asked the question:

Q: “Who made the salad?”

A: “Why Caesar made the salad!”


I made the salad. I will roll around in it getting slathered in oil and vinegar. Sometimes Balsamic. Bumping blindly into tomatoes and cucumbers and bits of onion until when all is said and done I will arise like the Phoenix from the salad all shinny and greasy with bits of vegetable stuck to me. Lest I forget, with bacon bits on me too.


That is how I know I made the salad.

So instead of looking back at days when I was around people I loved, but who might not have loved me, yet tolerated me for my salad of the day.

Or revisiting my youth when I was surrounded by people who loved me and thinking I did not sufficiently love them back.

I shan’t peer back into the fog of days spent working on things and with people I cared little for on things that were of questionable value, yet brought in a big heaping bowl of salad.

If tomorrow wasn’t such a long time I might forget the salad.

Instead I am spending today wondering where those anchovies I put on that salad have gotten to.



3 thoughts on “Who Made The Salad

  1. Careful rolling around in those bacon bits… you might find them where they were never meant to be (probably with the anchovies). ^_^ But, so long as you made the salad, it should be okay.

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