Hazed Makes Waist



Life is too short to sweat the spelling.



I can hear the howls of the nattering nabobs of negativism and spelling Stasi  echoing across the internet. Sure accepted spelling helps clarity when making a point and frees us from the spelling anarchy and chaos of the days before established dictates of the Dictionary. That being most of human history. But just like the perception of what the lyrics of a Rolling Stones song are and what we hear differ greatly, there is so much fun to be had.

Life is to short to sweat the grammar too.

Our language while limited is glorious.

It brings me moments of glee like these:

“I have gotten to this point in my application and this button says, Upload Resume. How can I start my upload again when I haven’t even begun uploading any thing.”

Or when responding to a question I get the answer, “I work for a futility.”  Whether they meant gratuity or utility the response from me, “Don’t we all buddy.”  was stifled.


Still such harmless moments of communication failure makes me giggle.

So did Spiro Agnew.




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