Surfing The Bell Curve

Make do Pete.

That’s me.

I will keep things held together from cars to electronics to things that should not be held together with bubble gum, duct tape, and super glue until they are beyond the pale.

But I do.

I might tell myself that it has to do with my life’s cash flow misadventures, but I know that would not be true.

Even before I became a NINJA (No Income No Job No Assets) I would tinker endlessly with things that others would pronounce broken, fix them, and then happily use them for years to come. Even when I could have easily and comfortably partaken in our quickly disposable culture.


When my possibilities were well stacked and tied to the selling of items to people who did not need, want ,or could afford in order to impress people they did not like.

I was the anti-consumer.

My life’s mantra before purchasing has always been, “is this something I need or just something I want.”

When I felt I was of an age and in a position to partake fully in the American Scheme I sought and found assistance to become the job creating consumer it was my patriotic duty to be.  I enlisted the aid of another.


So back to being me. Who needs new stuff when I can fill my time tinkering with old well worn items. I feel personally responsible for the economic downturn because I am no longer the much needed consumer in our consumer driven economy.

But that is my take on things.

Now in experiences I have always enjoyed the new. I don’t watch the same movie twice, read the same book over, or listen to the same music over and over again. That has kept the boat anchor of outdated media formats from hanging around my neck and cluttering up the feng shui of my life stream.

My addiction for the new experience has it’s problematic side, but I feel rewarded when I am awash in uncharted sensations. But it has given some in my life the feeling that I wanted to be somewhere else. That is a false perception on their part. People are not things or experiences. They are a category unto themselves.

Make do Pete accepts them for who they are. I have learned not to tinker in that tank the hard way.

So not avante garde but on guard in an avate garde sort of way


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