I’ll Get Messy Too



Bedroom is rather Spartan. Austere I would say.  I do not have a lot of stuff,  so the last place that gets junked up is the bedroom. The only mess I ever really had in the bedroom, once I became a adult and learned to pick up after myself, was cleared out with my divorce. Ten years of blissful order.

As for the electronic desktops on my newfangled ciphering machines; I have always been a folder guy so nothing untoward there.

Dull. I know.

Now if you want to talk about messy I would like to introduce you to my kitchen. We are not talking about the sink. That is fairly sparse. Keeping my “stuff” to a minimum helps that situation. The oven may be a bit crusty and shall be attacked chemically.


But when I say you could eat off the kitchen floor; that you can take literally. I mean there are enough crumbs and aged schmears spread across that tiled expanse to feed Sherman’s army for a week.




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