Over Time

I would no doubt use it as I have used time in the past. Extra time for making a to-do-list of things I want to get done but never seem to do. Stacking things that used to be stacked there and stack them “ober by der” as we say here in Chiraq. Consuming more things than I need to consume. More still now that I have this extra sixty minutes. Maybe watch “60 Minutes”. That hasn’t made it back onto my endless television consumption regatta. Extra time to not eliminating enough of the things I should have been eliminating for years but never did. I did get them off my to-do-list. Speaking of getting off, I would not reproduce anymore. I have reproduced enough, but may fill those sixty minutes doing what we humans do to reproduce with out fear of the base fruit result of my burning lust. All the sixty minutes I have accumulated over my life span has allowed me that benefit of being chronologically adept.

I hope.

But mostly I would spend those sixty minutes being suspicious that there really hasn’t been an additional sixty minutes added to the earths rotation. Just a re-sizing of the unit of measurement. Kind of like the fun size candy bar. So I would spend that interminable perceived added time searching conspiracy sites on the internets to see just how we had been fooled again.

Times up!

But I wasn’t counting.

Or counting on it.



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