Yakety Yak

One is to many and a million is not enough.

Considering the earliest conversations are the ones I had with my parents and my teachers, I know that set the tone for my conversations to this day. From the “dinner table is for eating” at home, to “sit down on your own stool” at school, I became an excellent listener. That’s why people love to have conversations with me. I listen while they talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. I really do listen. So much so that when I do speak and agree with them, they think I am disagreeing with them and then an argument ensues.

I’ll dummy up now and go back to muttering to myself.



3 thoughts on “Yakety Yak

    1. I think we all have to fight our natural inclination to be thinking of what we will say next rather than listening to what the other is saying. While really listening doesn’t make for a smooth flow in conversation, it does make conversation more substantive. I wonder if the fear of dead air flows from our early media potty training.

      1. very thought provoking. i’m all for thinking after absorbing and before talking. so i might call your seemingly dead air pregnant air before delivering substantial things.

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