Door Snob

I suppose having a preference for one thing over the other can make you a snob in the other’s eyes. The best of snobs will be able to produce reams of facts, articles, supporting objective double blind data, customer satisfaction surveys, and anecdotal evidence to back up why they like this better than than. The worst of them will just say, “I don’t like it.”

Off course I just displayed my snob snobbery there by labeling one sort of snob better than the other. Perhaps you don’t want to sit through the justification presentation of the learned snob and can accept, “I just don’t like it.” as a reason enough for their preference.

Truth is it doesn’t matter to me what your preferences are or why you prefer them. Your need for my approval and reinforcement of your prejudices are not my concern.

Sure we humans like to hang with similar humans so we can more easily agree what to have for dinner, what movie to see, what music to listen to, or what actions to emulate in a lyrical harmonious human interaction. So we prejudge others who eat, watch, listen to, or do the wrong things with the wrong people.


So I try to accept differences. If the differences are just to much, to dangerous, or just too ewwwwwww; I may not open the door to my place to them again. I certainly won’t open the door and go into their place again. If we meet on common ground I will just say, “Hello, I must be going.”

Yes it is true. I am a door snob.


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