“To be, to have, to think, to move…..” 

But you left out niggle.

So let us niggle.

Now the order starts out fine with to be, since all things come from being, but from there it gets all caddywupus. Sure you can have right away.  But what will you have?

So once you are being you have to think. That is the next step in my reality cookbook. Now you may say I should think about what to be, but if you are not being yet you are not thinking because you are not. Can absence be present and nothingness exist.

But I digress.

So there you are being and you have thought about it now so you have to move. Because everybody has to do something. If nothing else after all that being and all that thinking sooner or later you will have to pee.


Then what do you have. You don’t really have to have anything but you might think you want to have something. You might really need something by then. Other than taking pee, so hopefully while you where doing all that being and thinking you thought of something to have and are moving towards having what you thought you wanted to have.

In my case it was to have a nice little niggle about today’s prompt.

Now let us giggle.


4 thoughts on “Niggle

  1. *snort* – love the response – just enough of a touch of the philosophical dashed with a spoon of humor and a slice of niggling sarcasm. Great!

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