Simply Ire-Quizzical

I would give the serum to myself and then ask, “what were you thinking?”

Covers so many things and actions that it could take hours, but maybe I could get to the “truth” instead of the stories I tell myself about my past.

From  50 Popular Beliefs That People Think are True. Author Guy P. Harrison wrote,

“Human  memory is not the biological version of a DVR playback system that most people imagine; memory is more like having a little old man who lives inside your head. When you want to remember something, you have to tap him on the shoulder and then listen to the creative tale he weaves about your past. And like most storytellers, the old man adds a bit here, subtracts a bit there, embellishes, distorts, and even lies in an attempt to deliver to you the best story possible.”

Window Crop


4 thoughts on “Simply Ire-Quizzical

  1. I certainly get some very strange tales from the old lady who looks after my memory files. I’m pretty sure she has dementia, but I’ve grown accustomed to her idiosyncrasies 😀

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