Hold The Picky

I am always lucky enough to get behind the least picky eater in the universe when I’m in a fast food order line. They have only come to this burger joint to satisfy their friend who is a picky eater. But they will make sure they get what they want for their buck three eighty.

“Hold that pickle

i can’t remove it

Stuff that lettuce

I never touch it

Keep the bun

Too many carbs

No onions,

I may get lucky

No mustard, ketchup, or mayonnaise

Not sure what is in that stuff anyways

And no beef patty,

I don’t want to hurt no moo cow.

Special orders

You must let us

Cuz your C.E.O lets us

Make your lives a living hell.

Hey. This doesn’t look like the T.V. commercial your boss promised this product would look like. He makes 350 times more than you so he knows better.

Send it back and I’m not getting out of line until I am satisfied.”

So I leave and go here…..

Thanks ZZ Top ~Tres Hombres



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