Just Right

What do you mean we can not afford that. I’ll show you. I’ll buy more. Nobody tells me what I can or can not have. I want it all. Can there be too much?

Consuming has consumed me at times. I saw no need . But it gave others around me pleasure. I am by nature a people pleaser.

Oh look at the new toy I have.

Please be my friend.

Look at all my stuff.

I am so special.

I wish I could spend time to enjoy it all with you, but I have to keep working to pay for all my stuff. But it all looks nice in passing, and you do like me . Don’t you?

Or do you just like my stuff?

The late great George Carlin said it best.

That is not good.

Then not consuming has consumed me at times. Sometimes because I could not afford what I need.

That is not good either.

Sometimes because because I chose not to afford it.


Now because I have learned the difference between need and want.

When the little consumer society voice inside me says “You need that” only three words pop into my head.

“Is that so.”

More often than not it is not so.

Balance = Just right.



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