Criticizee… That Is Me

I hate criticism. Hate, hate it, and then hate it some more. By it’s very nature it is disapproval. But let’s set that aside.

I live in a world where “constructive” criticism abounds. The criticizer has only one motive and that is to help the criticizee to become better at what ever it was they were doing. No other motive exists. It is nice to have such beneficent beings watching over us with no thought or gain made by them except our own personal betterment. Maybe the criticizer feels good about doing the good deed of making you better, so there is some quid pro quo there. But no thanks necessary. They do it for us after all.

So to be clear we are not talking about those who express opinions, feelings, assessments, perceptions, snarky sniping, and power play put downs in the guise of criticism. I mean “constructive” criticism.

Because criticism is still voiced disapproval ranging from offense of another’s sensibilities to I just don’t like it. “I just don’t like it” only counts when that is said by the person signing the checks or their official representative in the room at the time. The only way to honestly consider criticism is to consider the motives of the criticizer. Motives are many and varied as there are individuals on the globe.

Lets us not forget feedback. Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

O.K. Enough of that dynamo hum.

I have received criticism from many and have appreciated it. I am sure my gratitude was not seen as sufficient by some of them. Most of them have never given it another thought. Much of the criticism that has been bestowed upon me I have never given another thought either.

A nod, a passive, “I see.” A “Thank you.” That is usually a sufficient response to criticism. Unless the criticizer is the one signing the check.


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