Litmus Schmitmus

One question!

Are you kidding. I would need a full background, criminal, and credit check. Not to mention a hair drug test, a sample of urine, blood, and saliva. Polygraph and third party interview before I would even consider talking to a stranger other than in passing. My people will get back to your people should I wish to pursue this friendship opportunity and you agree to take a polygraph test. Also my psychic will reach out to you metaphysically on the astral plane. Your star chart will be drawn up as well, but we won’t let that hold us up if everything else checks out OK. After all astrologers are notoriously pokey.


We could chat, share a coffee or cocktail. I would not expect that we agree on everything or perhaps nothing, yet still be able to accept your differing views. Perhaps learn more, understand more, and accept you as you are as I would like you to accept me as I am. Friendship and trust is built overtime. If I find out you have some ways about you I find too unsettling, dangerous, against the law, or just plain obnoxious our time spent together in activities will diminish or end.

One response to a question would lead to another question, not shut the door on a potential opportunity to learn more about another human beings perceptions, even if that point of view is quite alien to me.

Unless of course you say you watch Fox News.


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