The new stealth technology issued to people has made my happiness radar totally obsolete and useless. Everywhere people can immerse themselves in distractions. I have my doubts whether they even know if they are happy or not. Since the car goes where the eyes go and the eyes always peering into whatever wonderland their device has transported them to, I am not even sure where they are let alone if they are happy or not.

Not that my h-dar was that good to begin with. When issued it had a hard time distinguishing a bomber group approaching from a flock of birds. Through life I just got better at keeping my head down and learning when to duck. But usually not soon enough.

I thought I knew my ex wife was happy. Nothing made her happier than when she was shopping. The glee she had bringing home a new purchase was indescribable. She was a happy consumer single-handedly propping up the economy of the 1990’s. Creating jobs hither and yon where ever she said those two magic words.

“Charge it.”

I thought she was so happy with me. But then she told me she never was.

When the money ran out, so did she.

Auf Wiedersehen Shotzi

Now instead of doing unto others as I would have them do unto me, I do not do unto others what I would not want done to me.

The former is based on the faulty assumption that I know what would make them happy because it is what would make me happy. The latter makes no such assumption and does not constitute a feat of ESP.



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