Werner Herzog on Why You’ll Never Find Him on Facebook or Twitter — TIME


Werner Herzog, the director known for his exploration of people whose dreams destroy them (Little Dieter Needs to Fly, Grizzly Man, Fitzcarraldo) as well as for his darkly hypnotic voiceovers, has a new documentary in theaters. It’s about the Internet. And true to form, it’s not exactly a joyride. (One of his subjects asks: will…

via Werner Herzog on Why You’ll Never Find Him on Facebook or Twitter — TIME

I Do Miss Steak


I do. I do. I do

Especially when cooked over a charcoal fire. On a Weber. Propane just don’t make it.

But that is my mistake.

No not in the purchase of the propane grill. I only use it. But in choices I made decades before that caused me to end up eating steak rarely. Albeit for numerous economic, ecological, and personal health advise from the experts, textperts, and choking smokers.

Goo goo g’ joob g’ goo goo g’ joob

I’ll stop before further purloining, which would only lead to the inevitable resolution of, “I am the steak man….”

Oops I did it again. I misconstrued the  one word Daily Prompt.

Oh no. I stole another song lyric. I hope this will not be mistaken for plagiarism.


Oops. My mistake again.


Oblivious Obfuscators Obviously

Well it is obvious to me. I can’t believe it is not obvious to you. I don’t get it. You claim you get that “you get that”. But clearly you do not. I can tell by the way you say that. Why it is as plain as the nose on your face. On my face.

By the way.

That person you support for President is deceptive, lies all the time, is part of the elite, will say anything to achieve their ends, and face it they are old. They tell you it is all for you. But they do not even know you.  They have never even walked a mile in your shoes.

Hey. They have shoes.

But facts are facts. Right.

So why do some people clearly see things one way and others clearly see things another way. Especially when the answer is right in front of you.


Clearly somebody manipulated this media

(which is the message)

To create this debate.


Or was that Medium?


I think we all need a good massage.



Remember to carry the remainder. Because the remainders always forget.

Never carry a conversation in your head when you will have to carry it later for real. Because it never goes how you expect it to.

Carry on the conversation until the last participle has been dangled. Even if it hurts.

The opening shower scene in the movie “Carrie” with Sissy Spacek changed my life forever.

I will carry it with me always.

I would share the YouTube link but I carry the Puritan albatross given me by the early religious refuges that showed up on these shores.

Carry on.




Oh to heck with it. Too many of us have had to carry that Plymouth Rock with us for too long.

Where’s Waldo?

“I pack my trunk, embrace my friends, embark on the sea, and at last wake up in Naples, and there beside me is the Stern Fact, the Sad Self, unrelenting, identical, that I fled from.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

There’s Waldo!

But that is not what I am obsessed with. I am obsessed with me.

Me memememememememememememe.

I am my own ever present meme.

Sure you may have thought the statement,”Where ever you go, there you are” was a joke. But it’s not.

It’s true.

Where ever I go I am there.

And it is freakin’ me out man.

That Emerson dude knew. I mean he really knew. This was long before he went into fridges and Hi Fi  and stereo stuff. But his stereo’s always needed at least two speakers.  It took him until 1969 to figure that one and he needed both Marx and Lennon’s help.

How can you be two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all?



But that makes three. He was really old by then so neither he nor I am inclined to wrestle that whole trinity thing.  I take comfort that I may still have time to transcend my obsession with myself since I am nowhere nearly as chronologically gifted as Emerson was even when he first started making radios.

Those were indeed monophonic constructs.


See. Beautiful.

It all starts with one.


But the key word is starts.

So even though I am stuck lugging the object of my obsession with me where ever I travel and have to experience the world through my obsession’s senses, filter them through my self obsessed brain, share them though my self obsessed mouth or my self obsessed fingers through this self obsessed blog post I have hope.

Through empathy maybe I can have brief flashes of being two places at once and see the world through another’s self obsessed perceptions. If I am really lucky that person I am empathizing with has transcended self obsession and it will reveal a whole new vision of reality.

Kind of like, they’ll tell two friends and I’ll tell two friends ect. ect ect.

Meanwhile I need to get more coffee. See. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.


I Believe I’m Sinking Down

Oh if only crossroads were so simple. Right. Left. Forward. Or run home and hide under the blankets.

Then again there are intersections that occur, have occurred, are occurring, and will continue to occur in the eternity called now.

Kind of like this: *

KVAH rev

Only with an infinite number of lines running through that single point we call now, continuing on into infinity and (for those of you that might be Buzzed) beyond.

So next time someone asks you to get the butter, just remember the options are endless. From explaining dietary implications of, as well as, the inevitable string theory of dairy products in general, oleo and the inherent sins of such marketing obfuscation and chicanery,  reenactments from scenes in “Last Tango In Paris” aside, to the full inclusion of just acquiescing to their request in smug silence: try not to be what my pale imitation (as seen above *) of a Kurt Vonnegut illustration alludes to.

So just choose and know we are all just:

After all as my father advised when I was just a sprout, “Go do something even if it is wrong”