Cease and Desist

Let’s just hope what is underground, stays underground.

There are way to many zombies about. You can’t swing a dead cat over your head while watching television without hitting one.

With Halloween afoot there will be many many more.

Some believe that even more will rise from the cold cold ground on November 8th. Or is that November 28th. Oh those are  just rumors perpetrated by some clown.

Yikes! Clowns.

All of which is evidence and testimony to the proposition that we as humans are better at believing than we are at seeing.

Nothing that final trip underground won’t remedy.


Until then please cease and desist and let what happens underground stay underground.

Just like Vegas



YOU better BUY this NOW or YOU are DOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!!!!

I am not a big fan of horsey headlines, but this is the message interwoven in every distraction delivery system I consume.

This seems to be the message in many political campaigns of the day as well.

Believe me.

Or else.

Back in the day I would look at the television.

But now I watch it.

I think my television, cable, satellite, and internet providers are watching me.

Time to go now because I just saw a pharmaceutical advertisement for a pharmaceutical that will alleviate my C.U.S. (Chronic Urgency Syndrome)

Sure hope I can swallow it in time.

So ends another chapter in the Daily Sojourn known as:

The Quest For Urgency



P.S. Good thing the promise of a television commercial free pay cable and / or satellite and / or internet television diversion delivery system was another hoax perpetrated on the consumer or I never would have found this pharmaceutical rabbit hole to send more dollars down.

Cheese and Meat

Number one son was an aficionado of the Original.

Woe be unto him who tried to foist any New items on him. Perish the thought of Improved items as well. Same for Deluxe.  Limited begone. Nope. He wanted the Original.

He was the purist goalie in the family. Try to get anything past him that was not what he considered original, from BBQ sauce to Kraft Italian salad dressing, and the howls could be heard to the Original high heavens.

Anything other than cheese and meat on a burger was grounds to ban that McDonald’s from his Original list. With an added Original pox upon the hapless server who served it up in such an Unoriginal fashion to him.

He was indeed the embodiment of the Original Sin.

He was a terrible consumer in training and the nightmare of all fiduciaries of our growth fetishistic enterprises and nation.

But after years in front of the television soaking in commercials, online Ad culture, and peer pressure he came around as all good potential productivity pods do. Now number one son wants everything new and improved in the world you can possibly imagine.

But since he is one of the Original Millennials he may be too late since the Original promise of trickle down has already been lapped up, swallowed , and sent elsewhere.

Maybe someone has an Original idea to solve this.

I haven’t heard it.

I have observed a lot of very Unoriginal silliness in between the TV commercials, Ad Banners, and pop up ads however.

So I hope he still only wants cheese and meat on his burger.

After all , it’s the Original.


In Praise of Flattery

Flattery will get you everywhere.

Flattery will get you nowhere

When you receive praise from a sycophant is it flattery or is merely living up to the job description?

You know.

Because you are so clever. Yes you are.

Who so clever?

You so clever.

Now can I get a LIKE?



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