I dislike all questions that are put to me. My immediate reaction to an interrogatory is, “What, are you writing a book?”

Regardless of the inquisitor’s response, mine will be, “Well, leave that chapter out.”

I have given myself not only the permission to not have an opinion on everything in the world, but also to be “the master of my domain” and / or information.

Next question.



Playing Dress Up

And now a word about perception:

Why do people in the same studio looking at the same monitor differ on what color this marginal piece of haute couture is?

The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress

#thedress    #goldandwhite     #blackandblue

So I would just like to say that while the prompt asks me to perceive this post as my last blog post, I see it as my first blog post followed by the sound of one hand clapping until further notice while I grasp this internet meme with my cold dead fingers.

As with the accounts of eye witnesses and the differences in their stories, is it any wonder that we can never get a consensus here in the United States as to whom “loves America” enough.

But one thing is for certain. Who ever is selling this dress is going have some heavy duty cash counting to do.

This is America after all.

Step right up.



Eye am always alone. Yet eye am never lonely.


When a train of thought or a feeling passes through the mind, we can observe it within ourselves, but when we observe the observer within ourselves, then who or what is doing the observation? ~ A Practical Zen

In science, the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed. ~ Wikipedia

With all of that to ponder, who has time to feel lonely.

Eye rest my case.