Funny thing. I saw that on Craigslist just today. The ad read:   We Can Make It Anywhere   We can make it in the dark. We can make it with a spark. We can make it in the park. We can make it on a lark We can make each other bark. If you […]

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Everybody Has One

“Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one.” So of course I would not want anyone else to follow that guidance because they would then dismiss life changing, doctrine worthy, pearls cast before swine, always correct opinions of mine. For the niggling ninnies of the world that will point out not everybody has one, I shall […]

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The Dickens You Say!

It’s a fact. I can answer that with the best of them. I can give you an excellent no response . Direct and to the point. They call me Make Do Pete. Ergo I can say, as well as the Dickens you say, that every day in my life has held true to that quote. […]

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One Hand Clapping

I have spent a decade trying to stop the chattering of my little monkey brain, so to add a musical score to my life is just not in the cards. But from time to time, echoing through the sojourn of my life I catch a brief  hint of the former soundtrack of my life.  It tries to […]

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Getting Off

I literally take the concept of a day off literally.  Previous sentence was brought to you by the Redundant Compartment of Redundancies in my head. A day off means a day off. Nada zip zilch. As a recovering workaholic and a very low maintenance individual I am able to do that. However I might spend a […]

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